Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What Is the Importation Procedure in Nigeria?

  • Form M is usually issued for a contract to supply and allows partial deliveries. For large project, a bulk form M may be issued, which allows partial deliveries continuing throughout the validity of the form M A form is valid for six (6) months and may be extended once for a further period six (6) months.
  • The importer must complete a Form M valid for foreign exchange (known as L/C) or non-valid for foreign exchange (financing structure where no transfer of money from Nigeria to foreign central bank is involved).
  • The importer must have the form M and proforma invoice and processed through the commercial bank in Nigeria. Once accepted, the bank will send the form M to the agent pre-shipment inspection (PSI) appointed by the Government of Nigeria.
  • PIS perform a preliminary check prices and distribute copies of the form M to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Nigeria Customs Service, the National Maritime Authority (NMA) - for sea freight and importer with its bank. A complete set of documents shall be sent by electronic transfer of data at overseas office, in charge of sourcing countries.
  • The office of the PSI overseas will then send a request for inspection (RFI) to the supplier, physically inspect the goods and to audit the final price. Within 72 hours of the inspection, the supplier must submit their original invoice final commercial of PSI. PSI affix the seal on the financial bill, which becomes negotiable documents for L / C and other for money transfer from Nigeria.
  • The supplier sends other documents required for customs clearance import importer which are of B / L or AWB, C16, final copy of the invoice and packing list.
  • NOTE: All property, regardless of their nature, size or volume is subject to pre-shipment inspection process including samples and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

2. What Documents Are Required for ASYCUDA Registration?

  • Copy of tax clearance certificate.
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation.
  • Letter of authorization from importer to RONISH authorizing processing on his behalf.

3. What Documents Are Required for NAFDAC Registration of Food & Pharmaceutical Products?

  • Application letter addressed to the Director General , National Food and Drug Administration and Control(NAFDAC) including the list of items to be imported.
  • Original 3 years tax clearance certificate of the company for sighting and one photocopy.
  • Original importer's certificate of incorporation for sighting and one photocopy.
  • One certified true copy of importer's memorandum and articles of association and original for sighting.
  • One certified true copy of particulars of directors Form CO 7 / Business permit where applicable and original for sighting.
  • Certificate of manufacture & free sales issued by government regulatory body of country of origin and authenticated by Nigerian embassy.
  • Certificate of analysis issued by the manufacturer showing chemical and microbiological data.
  • Certificate of radiation issued by government regulatory body of country of origin and authenticated by Nigerian embassy.
  • Two(2) cartons of product as samples, carrying following information such as production date, expiry date, batch No., net weight, full address of manufacturer( Not P.O. Box), list of ingredients, and storage condition.
  • Application must be signed by importer's managing director or technical officer.