About ALOV Air-Sea Ltd.

Industry - Touring & Exhibitions

When taking your production, exhibition or corporate event from venue to venue – whichever country or continent – the most effective, efficient route is via this specialist division of ALOVAIR. That's why Tour managers, Exhibition/Event organizers and Stage/Screen Production Companies come to ALOVAIR for their shipping solutions.

We have a sound background in providing international transportation services to the live entertainment, audio/visual and Exhibition industry and that's why our specialist personnel can coordinate all aspects of international transport to match the requirements of exhibitions, tours, film or any other type of live event .

Experienced personnel who understand the Live Entertainment and Audio Visual industries provide specialist skills that ensure you receive a transport package contoured to the sensitivity of your equipment, time constraints and budget requirements.

Need a Carnet….just supply your equipment list and leave the rest to us. Express services are available when you need a Carnet in a hurry.